SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.


Our SmartPatrol is a powerful way to protect your neighborhood or facility. Simply by being visible and actively patrolling the area in a clearly marked SmartPatrol vehicle, our uniformed Security Officers act as a dynamic crime deterrent. They are a professional and authoritative presence for HOAs, business centers, and other areas.

Technology on your side

Each vehicle is equipped with a Verizon 4GLTE jet pack and state of the art computers that allows Officers to report in live time from the field. Each vehicle is also equipped with a lytx DriveCam that monitors movement inside and outside of the car.

  • 4GLTE Jet Pack
  • hi-tech computer
  • drivecam

Equipped for Safety

Our vehicles and Officers provide a command presence in the area. Each Officer is armed with a high power flashlight, handcuffs, a handgun, and a bodycam to record interactions, and is prepared to handle different types of interactions. SmartPatrol deters vandals, trespassers, and burglars and can rapidly respond to emergency situations. For more information about SmartPatrol, please contact on our 24/7/365 access line at 707.331.2908.