SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.

SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is the best choice for professional security in Northern California. We serve Humboldt County with our team of qualified security professionals. We are the best security agency for this area because we are not the norm. We don’t strive to be good… we strive to be GREAT. This dedication is seen in our ongoing training, recognition of Officers’ merit, and how we work alongside law enforcement to make our communities safe.

337 West Clark Street
Unit 3533
Eureka, CA 95502

T: 707-298-2925
E: [email protected]


Some of the services we offer for clients in Humboldt County include:

  • Fixed Site Security
  • SmartPatrol™
  • Special Event Security
  • Custom Services

    These include civil standbys, executive protection, prisoner watch, etc.


We work with law enforcement agencies in Northern California to transport prisoners and other services. As a para law enforcement private security company, we take pride in making sure our officers have the right tools and training for the job. A key part of what makes us stand out is our philosophy. We empower each one of our employees to build on their strengths and continue to learn. We are focused on growing as individuals and collaborating as a company.

The education and training we provide for our employees helps them offer our clients better service. Our officers are able to engage in verbal judo with people instead of escalating the interaction to violence. Each officer completes Physical Readiness Testing (PRT); we are also the only service security provider in Northern California that currently requires ongoing training for officers in identifying and interacting with homeless, mentally ill, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Every one of our Officers also carries a gun and wears a bodycam. Our training and command presence allow us to deescalate dangerous situations – in ten years no SOCO Security Officer has drawn a weapon.

When you need a professional security presence with the right tools for the job, you need SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY, “The New Breed in Security™”. Contact us to learn more.

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