SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.

SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is headquartered in Sonoma County and offers private security services for Northern California. Our agency is proud to be breaking the mold of the typical security service. We offer extensive training to our security officers, give them the right equipment for the job, and empower them to greatness.

Our security officers all complete Physical Readiness Testing (PRT) as well as training in how to appropriately identify and interact with sensitive populations, including the homeless, mentally ill, and LGBTQ+ communities. In addition, every officer wears a bodycam. We have a fleet of Police Interceptors (used to transport prisoners in conjunction with local law enforcement), Ford Escapes, and Smart vehicles. Our officers are encouraged to continue learning and growing as individuals and within the organization. With training and the right equipment, our officers have a command presence that keep guarded areas safe. By using verbal judo, we are able to de-escalate situations and in ten years no SOCO Security Officer has drawn a weapon.


Some of the services we offer for clients in Sonoma County include:

  • Fixed Site Security
  • SmartPatrol™
  • Special Event Security
  • Custom Services

    These include civil standbys, executive protection, prisoner watch, etc.


We are a private security company with a Community First Mindset that works alongside Sheriff and Police departments to keep our community safe. Whether you have a business, residential community, or other area you need secure, we can help. Our experienced Officers, top of the line equipment, and commitment to our clients means you get a security company way outside the norm. We aren’t just striving to be good….we want to be GREAT.

1240 Briggs Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

T: 707-331-2908
E: [email protected]

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