SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.

SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a Native American veteran founded boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.

In England, where private security began, SOCO stands for “Scene of Crime Officer” …in California, SOCO stands for Sonoma County, where the company maintains its Corporate Offices and Training Facility.

SOCO was founded by John Iervolino, who had a storied career in security, including as a citizen police officer in Hawaii and, as operations manager and general manager for two of Northern California’s largest security companies. John sold SOCO to current owner Jackson Collins in April of 2023 and continues to consult and act as a customer care facilitator for SOCO.

SOCO employs military and law enforcement, as well as professionals from all career fields. Currently, SOCO is the only security service provider in California that trains all its officers, on continual basis, in appropriately identifying and interacting with the Homeless & Mentally Ill, LGBTQ+ Sensitivity and (PRT) Physical Readiness Testing. Additionally, SOCO works very close with the local Police & Sheriff’s Department.

SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is “The New Breed in Security™,” breaking all the negative stigmas and stereotypes that plague the industry today.

OUR core values: Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity & Teamwork drive us to excellence. We invite constructive critique, own up to our mistakes and endeavor to exceed our customers’ expectations!


Para Law Enforcement

John Iervolino founded SOCO in 2011 with a distinct mission: to offer outstanding para law enforcement security services to Northern California. In just ten years, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted agencies in the areas we serve. We work with County Sheriff departments on prisoner watch, civil standbys, and anything additional that may be required. We are a para law enforcement organization, working alongside law enforcement in Humboldt, Marin, Sonoma and Orange counties to keep citizens safe.

Servant Leadership

SOCO’s philosophy is grounded in servant leadership. As a servant leader, John works to build up his team, both leading by example and allowing employees to build on strengths. Through training, setting high expectations, and energized leadership, he empowers each officer to greatness. Each employee is a valued member of the company and encouraged to grow, keeping these core values in mind: HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TENACITY, & TEAMWORK.


We are a merit-based organization. We appreciate and respect longevity in a position, however, we fundamentally reward and promote those that are willing to apply themselves, press in, and strive not towards good but towards GREAT.