SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a boutique security service provider, serving the public and private sector alike.

Client Testimonials

Lt. John Snetsinger (Retired 2020) Santa Rosa Police
“Trust me, there is a major difference in service between SOCO and others. Because of the bidding process local governments have to comply with, we learned that you get what you pay for. The low bidder is not the answer. Before we were required to establish a contract, we chose SOCO for prisoner guard and we were glad we did; on-time, professional and the right choice. We asked, they responded – every time. When the government rules required that we take the lower bidder, service suffered, significantly. John and his staff have always provided the most professional service. Whether it is prisoner guard or patrolling neighborhoods, SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is the best. They are the best trained and most professional private security company I have ever worked with in my 27 years in law enforcement. They are trained in de-escalation and trained in working with persons suffering mental health episodes. I would recommend SOCO to anyone needing security services, without hesitation.”

Paige MazzoniCEOCanine Companions for Independence
“SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY has been an extremely impactful partner for us in the last year. Before they started we were having many issues with trespassing, vandalism and threatening behavior toward our employees. As soon as they started, we saw improvement and, six months later, the problem have materially ceased to exist. They worked with us as a nonprofit, have made our employees feel safe and have helped us gain the attention of local law enforcement when needed. We are extremely grateful for their professional and reliable presence and expertise.”

Mike TostiSecurity ManagerRedwood Credit Union
“Redwood Credit Union has been doing business with SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY for over 2 years. They have been extremely reliable and their services are truly cost effective when it comes to protecting our financial institution, employees and members from harm. They have been accommodating and professional at all times. We don’t know what we would do without their services and their guards. I would be happy to give them a recommendation any time!”

Bob LangleyWest Coast Regional Security ManagerCRESCO LABS
“I have worked for and with many security companies in my career within the company and now as the client hiring the security companies. I believe this allows me to “read between the lines” so to speak and know exactly what I want and what I can expect when hiring a security company, the expectations of what I am hiring for. When I met John the owner of SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY I was immediately impressed with his personal dedication to his staff and the professionalism he said he offered from the littlest details such as paying his guards a little extra to have their uniforms professionally dry cleaned, as a small example. I had interviewed other companies, both small and national and my decision for my company cannot be based on saving a dollar or two. When it comes to service with protecting people, you should take many factors into play of which I did. SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is by far the easiest to reach in case of need and the management and ownership takes pride in each and every call and concern. I am very pleased with our relationship beyond words and look forward to many more years of continued service.”

Max ChildsGeneral ManagerCAMBRIA hotels
“I have managed four hotels in Sonoma County and am proud to say, I brought on SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY as their very first hotel account at the Marriott Courtyard Santa Rosa. Since that time, SOCO has provided security for my following three properties in some form or another. They provide quality security both in their stationary guard capacity and their vehicle patrol units. They are thorough in establishing their standing orders and reporting their findings. I continue to employ their services and highly recommend John and his team.”

Marc FarrisGeneral ManagerHampton Inn & Suites
“We have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service over our many years of being a SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY customer and the peace of mind we enjoy from being secured by a local security service company. John, the owner, is very professional and always available for assistance. Their security guards are well trained professionals and always offer support to our staff. I have worked with other security companies in Sonoma County and SOCO is the best!”

Paul DuranczykExecutive DirectorCreekside Rehabilitation & Behavioral HealthIn response to our price increase to our clients….
“John, you are still a great value. Thanks for keeping us safe!”

Ginger HopkinsPress DemocratEvents & Sponsorship Manager
“John, your guys sere great!!! I’m so glad I picked you.”

Chris VetranoWindsor High SchoolVice Principal
“John, Extraordinary as usual. Jessica and Rana put all my stickers on! And the whole crew did exactly what we wanted them to do. I am always impressed with your crew. A pleasure.”

Julius “Juice” RockTattoos & BluesPromoter
“I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of Tattoos & Blues Festival this year. You and your staff worked well with my guys. You were able to see that the event is very non-mainstream, somewhat deviant/eclectic/bizarre and caters to a crowd that would normally be viewed or “profiled” as problematic at best. In past years I have experienced security officers that mistook the situation as threatening due to the nature or presence of some of our visitors and vendors. SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY went with the flow. You experienced the mellow vibe of a cool little tattoo gig nestled in the wine country of NorCal without creating undo drama or judgmental tension. John, once again, you and your men did right by us. Thank you!”

Grace C. SanchezColdwell BankerRealtor
“Thank you for making our Healdsburg neighborhood near Palm Avenue safer! We could not have closed this sale without you and your team.”

Employee Testimonials

Jesus M. – “Joining the SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY family was vital in preparing me for a career in law enforcement. The diverse job sites exposed me to several life experiences that other entry-level jobs couldn’t offer. I gained communication skills, social and networking skills, and most importantly self-confidence. My ability to safely and professionally handle tough situations grew tremendously. With SOCO, I wasn’t just a badge number. I always felt supported and valued as an employee and as a person. John and the rest of the SOCO team were tremendously supportive when I decided to make the transition into law enforcement. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their unconditional support and mentorship.”

Miguel Z. – “SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a company that provides excellent customer service to its clients and values its employees. During my time working with SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY, I was valued for my work contributions and always felt like the company had my back. If you are looking to eventually become a law enforcement officer, SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a great place to learn the skills, tactics, and techniques needed to be successful in law enforcement career.”

Monica W. – “Working for SOCO has been a great opportunity for me to expand my skills in the security industry and I’m thankful for my continued work with them.”

Russell G. – “My time thus far working for SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY has been an adventure. I have worked for less than stellar companies in the past and gave my all without being given the opportunity to move up. Switching to SOCO and being given the opportunity to show my worth has set my personal standards to a new level. SOCO is a good opportunity for any and all individuals looking for competitive pay and benefits. SOCO has changed my life in a way where I am now more successful than ever. Thank you SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY for all that you do and attempt to do, for all our employees and their families.”

Edgar R. – “The 2.5 years I spent working with SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY was a nice journey. I started at the age of 18, but struggled at the beginning. Therefore, I gave it a second attempt thanks to John, and I improved a lot. SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is a company of second chances! I learned a lot throughout my time working with the company. I appreciate all the help they have given me. If it wasn’t for all the help, they gave me, I would’ve been clueless when doing the job. SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY really prepared me on what I may see in the field. My main plan was to pursue a career in law enforcement, but I felt like I needed to fully prepare myself. With that being said, I am now a United States Marine Corps Recruit. Thanks to SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY who helped prepared me for this huge opportunity. With the military experience I’ll get and from the security experience I got from SOCO, I will be successful in my law enforcement career. It was an honor to work for SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY!”

Issiah Epps – I have been working as a security officer for 6 years and have been learning as I go for a long time, always switching companies for various reasons. My life decision came when I met John almost 2 years ago. Leaving another security company with questions about job security because I want to be the best at what I do. John and SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY stepped into my life with better views and answers. Joining SOCO was the best decision I ever made because their attention to detail, teaching valuable lessons and giving me advice, help me every day. They always have your back with any problems. They reach out and check on you because they care about you as a person. John brought me in and challenged me to grow in SOCO and today I’m a better officer and person! Thank you SOCO for allowing me to grow in this company, I’m very honored to acknowledge SOCO as my security company.”

Marco M. – “As a Security Officer, it is important to use your words correctly. To politely say what you mean and mean what you say. With that being said, my next statement comes with no exaggeration. Working for SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY has altered my life for the better. I had a stable job before working for SOCO but my field became nonessential due to the pandemic. The beginning of 2020 left me in a tight place. I can now say with all confidence that I am ahead and in the best position of my life since working for SOCO. SOCO is the best job I’ve ever had and I say that not only because I love the work and the team but practically as well. SOCO provided me with full coverage insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan for my future. During my time as a security officer for SOCO, I’ve learned how to be a better person, be better with people and help people become better. These are life skills I will carry with me forever. I am grateful to work for SOCO. The management and structure make me feel safe.”