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SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY is the best choice for professional security in Orange County.

Hiring the right security company is critical in today’s environment with the heightened awareness of discriminatory practices and inappropriate use of strength in law enforcement organizations. Orange County’s private security solution is SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY, “The New Breed in Security®.” Our para law private security agency transforms the common issues associated with conventional private security organizations.

At SOCO, we pride ourselves on quality personnel. Many of our staff members have military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our ongoing officer training is the best-in-class, as the only security organization requiring continuous Physical Readiness Testing (PRT) involving minorities and other at-risk populations. Our officers are continually educated and receive hands-on experience and sensitivity training to assist in identifying and de-escalating situations with groups commonly discriminated against, including the mentally ill, homeless, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our ongoing inclusionary training encourages continuing education and advancement within the team. Armed with this ongoing education, our officers learn the skill of interacting with sensitivity and common sense, frequently resulting in minimized conflict. We’ve been so successful that we have a perfect history of maintaining safety for our clients without a single officer drawing their weapon since our company’s founding, ten years ago.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? SOCO PRIVATE SECURITY specializes in providing customized security services to serve your company’s needs including prisoner transport, executive protection, K-9 service and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your security needs.

Our goal is to go beyond the status quo, providing Orange County superior security service through extensive training, merit-based staff incentive, and customized, needs driven service.


Some of the services we offer for clients in Orange County include:

Fixed Site Security




Civil Standbys, Executive Protection, Prisoner Watch, etc.

We offer boutique services for our clients. This includes working alongside Police and Sheriff’s agencies to transport prisoners and other personalized services. Call to discuss your security needs and how we can help you today.

We are proud to offer Orange County clients more than the normal security provider. We aren’t just striving to be good…we want to be GREAT. That’s why we put so much effort into training and preparing our employees, so that they can better serve YOU. We are a merit-based organization that rewards enthusiasm, hard work, and those willing to press in.

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